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Start your search for a hire car anywhere in Canada, North America and beyond. With our partner network you can search availability at 1,200 locations across cities, ports and airports.

Simply enter any address or postcode or landmark into the PICK-UP address field. Then add dates and times (remember most city locations operate office hours) PRESS SEARCH. The search results are displayed by lowest rental rate. During the booking process once you have entered your search criteria, you will see car photos (results). At the top right hand side is a drop down filter, choose "SORT BY DISTANCE”. This will shuffle the available cars based upon nearest location, with a small map. The specified distance above the map is the distance from the inserted desired location to the location of the nearest supplier. Click on the little map to expand and the exact address/location will be shown.

Most locations offer small economy and electric/hybrid vehicles, vans, luxury, premium and convertibles. We serve all major Airports, City and most Rail Stations.

~Toronto, Calgary, Vancouver, Montreal ~Ottawa Train Station
~Port of Halifax
~Port of Québec
Direct flights to:- Honolulu, Puerto Vallarta, Las Vegas
and many many more..

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Recent Rentals Made

Kia Forte or similar

Air conditioning
Automatic Transmission
x 5
x 4
x 4
£ 15.17 GBP / day
8 days in January, Cancun - Airport International, Mexico

Chevrolet Cruze or similar

Air conditioning
Automatic Transmission
x 5
x 4
x 4
130.79 CAD / day
6 days in March, Calgary - Airport, Canada

Ford Escape or similar

Air conditioning
Automatic Transmission
x 5
x 3
x 5
$ 85.88 USD / day
4 days in August, Nashville International Airport, United States of America
You will need a CREDIT CARD when you collect the vehicle.Some locations accept a DEBIT CARD. To see which supplier accepts Debit Cards, At STEP2 of our 3 step online booking process, to the right of the car photo of your choice, is a link entitled "IMPORTANT INFORMATION". Click on this link and it will open an additional smaller window, then click on PAYMENT or CARD

Hit the red CHAT bubble for 24/7 online CHAT support.

Don't forget we drive on the right-hand side of the road (same as USA).

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